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François and Véronique Fouchez are French expats who have lived for a few years in Marrakech. They are those kind of 'lets do something' people that we are lucky to find. When they put the word out on their whatsapp group about deciding to go into the hills to take food and water, their friend Alexia, who is luckily also an active member of the AidforAll committee, let us know and we quickly made contact.

Gauging that what was most urgently needed, apart from food and clean water, was somewhere warm to sleep, since many homes were damaged or destroyed, François and Véronique identified a small sewing shop in the Marrakech market that agreed to work the long hours necessary to quickly make large 6 person tents. Wandering through the market, François' eye was caught by a big pile of new foam mattresses - he immediately negotiated to buy them and quickly returned to the sewing shop to ask them to run up some covers for them. Along with food and water, the tents and mattresses were piled high on their cars and driven far into the mountains, to the villages where no help had arrived,

all bought thanks to donations from AidforAll. 

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