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Thanks to the Quintero family - originally from Acapulco but now  living in Puebla, AidforAll was able to move swiftly to provide help after the devastating hurrican Otis hit the beautiful coastal city. Through our contacts at the University of Puebla, we were introduced by a former student to Fatima and money was sent over to increase the aid that Fatima could take. Instead of one car, two were taken, full of bottled water, food and hygiene products.

They set off on the 4.5 hour journey and once there shared the videos of the devastation. 

There is still much to be done.

People in these colonias (suburbs) are struggling from one day to the next, no income, none of the promised government aid has yet arrived to them, and what aid there is has been centred on the wealthier, coastal area. And sadly it seems many people are still missing and many bodies are still under the rubble. A large number of fisherman who desperately tried to move their boats away from areas where it was thought the hurricaine would hit have been lost, swallowed up by the sea.

With World Central Kitchen now in place offering free hot meals to all, our focus is now on providing water tanks for the poor in the suburbs. Many of the tanks, located on roofs of houses, have been destroyed and they have no way of storing the water for washing or cleaning.

We are now working on sending another donation to Fatima and Luis to purchase a number of water tanks for their next trip. 

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