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Previous projects in Vietnam:

  • Thuy Xuan orphanage in Hue, Vietnam

We made repairs, bought paint and helped paint houses, purchased books for older kids now at University, bought any equipment or supplies they needed (washing machine, gardening equipment, tools, crockery etc)

  • Boulangerie Francaise Bakery School and Dormitory

was in dire need of some equipment and repair, especially to the worktops and sinks. We replaced their worn out tiled surfaces with new marble worktops, provided new kitchen equipment and purchased a computer for their classroom and 2 bikes for the apprentices. We also kitted them out with football strips and balls for their 5-a-side games on their occasional days off. Man Utd are still popular in Vietnam! We also helped fund the renovation of their oudated point of sale in central Hue




Boulangerie Francaise

A French-based project started in 1999 that continues to this day in the city of Hue, Vietnam. The programme offers an apprenticeship to become a pastry chef/baker to very poor young men all over Vietnam, including food and housing during the apprenticeship period. At the end of the apprenticeship the Boulangerie has had great success in placing the newly qualified pastry chefs with hotels and restaurants throughout the country, guaranteeing a regular income not only for the chef but also for his family

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