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Visiting Kolkata for the first time in 2014, our main focus in India is helping the Jhalak school for Underprivileged Children in Baruipur. This school is owned and run by the De family, based in the US,  offering classes in the morning before school, as well as a hot breakfast and after school computing classes to ~100 very poor children.


In 2014, AidforAll renovated a building that was to become the Computer Room and filled it with a range of computing equipment. The following year, a new library was built (Chris putting his excellent DIY skills to good use), painted and filled with books - rather than the estimated 6 weeks this took just over 1 week!

Some of the graduates of this school have gone on to college, with tuition kindly paid for by the De family. AidforAll also give backpacks and school supplies to whomever needs them and award special prizes to the top students from each year. Many have aspirations to become a teacher, some want to join the army and 'defend their country', others to become a female police officer or architect. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that we have not been able to get to India since early 2020. In fact Chris from AidforAll was just finishing a visit in Vietnam as the borders around him were closing. 

We hope to return in 2023 and are starting fundraising again.

We don't know what awaits us, only that the poverty situation can't have improved.