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On 6th February 2023, an earthquake of  7.8 magnitude hit southern and central Turkey and N.W. Syria causing massive loss of life and destruction.


For days we followed on all news channels the stories of desperate attempts to pull survivors from the remnants of fallen buildings. Then came the news of how many people actually lost their lives and how many had completely lost every material thing they had including the roof over their heads.

The numbers were staggering.

It became clear that AidforAll had to try to help in some way.

AidforAll supporters reached out to contacts in Turkey and thanks to the help of Dr Umut Kose at CERN, a zoom call was set up with Professor Alpay Azap, a doctor of infectious diseases at Ankara University and of the Klimik association (www.​ Klimik had already fundraised to buy and send 3 housing containers to Iskenderun in the Antakya region, one of the areas of Turkey hardest hit by the earthquake. Almost everyone there was now homeless and sleeping rough, including their medical colleagues from the local hospitals. These containers would go to provide accommodation to four medical professionals each. It was agreed that AidforAll would purchase another one. It arrived on 15 March 2023.  

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