Blue Skies and Yellow Fields


On the second trip to Poland, the AidforAll team comprised of Chris Thomas, Connie Potter, volunteer Yuko Veatch and another volunteer: filmmaker Charlotte Potter-Landua who came from London.


Charlotte documented a lot over the 3 days. She was taken aback by the kindness and desire to help the local people. This beautiful film is the result for which we are very grateful.


AidforAll is a not-for-profit A ssociation with the following goals:


  • Support charitable entities or individuals who provide assistance to those in need

  • Improve children's education and provide help to very poor families around the world

  • Provide ad-hoc relief and aid to people in times of crisis or disaster

The AidforAll co-founders head into Ukraine

After having raised nearly 10000 CHF in the past few weeks for buying food and hygiene items, medical supplies and surgical equipment for this upcoming trip, co-founders Chris Thomas and Connie Potter went to Warsaw and on into Ukraine on Friday 20th May. With the the hopes and requests of Ukrainian refugees installed in the French local area on long lists, and a list for the Commander Sergey of a battalion presently stationed in Kyiv, and a folder full of paperwork, the trip was a huge success. Please go to the UKRAINE tab above to read more and to see videos and photos. 

NOTE: the video interview with the two wives of Azov soldiers from the Azovstahl will be uploaded in the coming days.

Entering Ukraine

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