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News on aid to Ukraine

  • We have set up a weekly food bank on Fridays, gathering food donations and also purchasing with AidforAll funds basic necessities, which we distribute in the local town of Ferney Voltaire to all the local Ukrainians that come along.

  • Through the amazing Inna, who introduced us to the Cherkasy refugee centre, we have set up a supermarket delivery to that same centre we visited in person back in May in Ukraine. We hope to make it a regular occurrence. As winter approaches and the bombings begin again the needs will grow.

  • Over the months, our network of contacts and kind-hearted people all over the world has grown, as the work of AidforAll become known. So it was no surprise that we received an email asking if we knew anybody who could help a desperate mother in Kyiv trying to get a prosthetic arm for her young injured son. Through Chris' contacts we were happy to introduce them to some great US people who are now actively setting up the procedure to get this person into Poland to the right hospital and providing the specialised care and treatment that is required.

  • Back in April in Warsaw we met two young Ukrainian women, with perfect English, who'd just arrived at a refugee centre. We chatted with them for quite a while and left them our card. They recently wrote to say they were starting to teach, to earn money, and AidforAll have now bought them a basic laptop each to help them along this new venture.

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