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Winter Clothing Fair

Through our main Ukrainian local ladies, Inna and Olena, you can see them below in the photo, along with one of our super friends and supporters Fabrice, we have access to about 30 families.

We have set up over the over the summer months an almost weekly food bank on Fridays, gathering food donations and also purchasing with AidforAll funds basic necessities, which we distribute in the local town of Ferney Voltaire to all the local Ukrainians that come along (we even bought them shopping trolleys as many don't have cars and have quite a way to walk).

While talking to the families we took note that one urgent request was for warm winter clothing and school supplies. So, we sent around a call for donations of these items at our place of work and were overwhelmed by the amount of great clothing, boots, blankets and more that has been dropped off.

All will be put together for a one-off event on Saturday 22 October where, together with the super team from eeRa ( we are holding a Winter Clothing Fair, free for all. We'll be adding food and other items purchased by AidforAll too.

THANK YOU as ever for your support and interest. Please do share our work with friends, family, and why not at work if they are looking for a hands-on organisation to donate to, that is trying to help directly those in need.

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