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AidforAll helping local Ukrainian families

Around a hundred Ukrainian families, many Mums and kids, have arrived in the

local French border villages since the invasion. They have been warmly welcomed

by some amazing local people and now AidforAll are doing their bit too!

We learned of a group that could donate some fresh vegetables, dry goods

and other items, on a semi-regular basis. AidforAll supporters Birgit Elsing and Ofelia Capatina, helped by founder Chris Thomas and supporter Fabrice Balli, filled three car-loads

of food and headed round the villages to hand deliver the food to the Ukrainian families and

the local Resto du Coeur which helps over 20 more Ukrainian families.

Birgit Elsing has even managed to secure a regular fresh bread donation! They are hoping this will be a weekly event. Brilliant! That's teamwork.

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