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Deciding to go into Ukraine

As AidforAll becomes more widely known in the local community, we receive requests from Ukrainian refugees in the area to meet with us. They ask us for help getting food and medication to their towns. Shelves they say are empty, the people don't have much help. We don't really understand as we see hundreds of millions of CHF, USD, Euros being raised by all kinds of large organisations for AID. So we decided this time, we'd make the trip into Ukraine ourselves to get an idea of what the situation is. At the same time, we gathered the requests received, worked out what we could afford, worked out the route and the contacts, got all the paperwork, bought our bulletproof vests, booked leave from our work again and headed out on Friday 20 May first to Warsaw then after a few days on to Kyiv then Cherkasy.

We met many selfless, wonderful people giving their time to help in so many ways. We met many stoic Ukrainians trying to continue living their lives as best they can, we met brave soldiers preparing to head to the frontlines in the coming days with little equipment.

We recorded some conversations, have photos. All are under the tab UKRAINE. Please take a look. We have used almost all funds now. We need to start building up the cash pot again as sadly it looks like this battle is far from over.

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